Designed for solar power installations. 
These cells store solar energy for long 
periods of time. 

Motive Power Battery

Stand By Battery designed for power 
outages, provide emergency power 
for critical applications. 


AGM Car Batteries are designed for 
start & stop systems such as taxis, 
emergency or luxury cars 

Energy Storage Battery


Reserve Power Battery

Motive Power Designed for forklift, 
mobile lifting platforms, and many 
other traction applications.

Car Battery

Spaceflight Power Supply Co., Ltd is one of the leading car batteries manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our name is considered the hallmark of excellence in our respective industry and product category. Being the leading China car battery manufacturers, we serve many regions all around the world.


We have an extensive range of car batteries from which you can choose as per your requirement. We offer batteries that include DIN, BCI and JIS. These offer various ranges of voltage capacity and Cell lay out. Our automotive batteries meet international standards that makes them suitable for various regions. We make sure that our batteries meet standards set in Germany as well as standards that are set in Japan.


This ensures that our car batteries are safe and can be used according the local standards in regards to voltage and other factors. We also offer UPS, OPZV, gel, AGM and deep cycle VLRA batteries so that all your power storage needs are covered. 

How to test a car battery by yourself
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2018-07-07 11:25
How to choose a best car battery!~
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2018-06-23 17:00
Why The Price Of Car Battery is Different Every Day!~
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2018-06-30 11:36
The Green Expo exhibition in Mexico successfully closed
With a mission of forging our brand and spread our quality-oriented spirit, the excellent sales crew members of Spaceflight Power Supply Co.,Ltd. has done a brilliant job with the successful closure..
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